How The Sun Causes Wrinkles

confusedmanDid you know? There is a strong association between the strength of the sun’s rays and skin wrinkles. This has been known for a very long time, but what has been known for not as long is why. We now know that the sun’s rays contain a number of types of ultra-violet light. Some are totally or partially blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere, but some come through too.

The overwhelming majority of our facial wrinkles are the result of exposure to UVA and UVB rays. We now know that it does not matter what the source of those rays is, it is the UV rays themselves that damage skin, for that is what wrinkles are – damaged skin.

This damage may come from sun lamps and sun beds too, because UV rays are also the ones that cause our skin to go brown. Unfortunately, in the process of attaining the desired coloration, you have to cause the skin harm. The trick here is to reduce the damage while achieving the desired color.



Children’s skin is particularly susceptible to UV injury which can have a life long effect on their chances of developing cancer later on, perhaps decades later. The sole manner to prevent this happening is to take safety precautions at all times when encountering these rays from whatever source they may come.

One of the foremost causes for wrinkles is the breakdown of collagen in the skin which changes its elasticity. If the skin loses elasticity, it will not return to its regular place or state and hangs lifeless.

So, how can you prevent this happening or at least slow down the procedure? The most obvious solution is to keep away from UV rays, but that would mean no more sunbathing, swimming in the open air or using sun beds. The other manner is to use creams and lotions to filter out the detrimental rays.

However, many people do not use sun screen or sun block at all or at least not in the right manner. The UV rays that do harm are UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is blocked entirely by the atmosphere and UVB, which browns the upper layer of skin only is easily blocked – for instance, it will not even pass through glass. UVA burns deeper into the skin and produces a long term tan.

Therefore, you need to check that your sun screen will block UVA and UVB. UVA rays are fairly stable in strength throughout the day, but UVB varies, so you have to take that into account while applying the lotion.

The first thing to do is ascertain what type of skin you have. Individuals with fair skin, freckles and ginger or blond hair are most at danger to skin injury. The gradation of skin and hair color largely determines the skin type and its susceptibility to harm.

Next you have to know the strength of the sun in the area where you are and finally, the sun is at its hottest between 11 AM and 4 PM, so apply sun block creams and lotions accordingly. If you are unsure of local conditions, call into a local health or beauty store and request their opinion.

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